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The Great Barrier Reef Masters Games early bird special will finish by the end of March. The price to register will go from $65 to $85, so enter now to avoid the price rise and secure you spot. Registration ends at the end of April. 


Congratulations to the newly elected Executive, following Saturday's AGM:
President - Peter Luppi
Vice Presidents - Shannon Paton, Ryan Price
Secretary - Dave Ellery
Treasurer - Heather Murphy...
Wishing you all a successful and productive 2017!

Great Barrier Reef Masters Games


It's time to get busy and register for the GBRMGames. If you were 30 years old (or more!) on 1 January this year, we want you to join us at the Atherton Tableland Gun Club for a fabulous weekend of friendly competition. The sensational crew at the Silkwood Clay Target Club will be hosting their two-day annual trap shoot the following weekend, June 3-4. Perfect for a pre-Winter break in the tropics. Click below to register.

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